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extreme cleaning services.
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There are often situations where existing cleaners or contractors are
unable to professionally and safely deal with,
GrimebustersUK are here to take on these extreme cleaning situations.

extreme cleaning and clearance specialist

Police Cell Decontamination - Sharps & Syringe Removal - Bio Hazards & Clinical Waste - Flood & Fire Damage

Fly Tipping Removal - Crime/Trauma Scenes - Void Property Clearance - Drug dens - Undiscovered Deaths

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Police Cell Decontamination
Grimebusters UK offers a decontamination service of cells following vomiting, urination, human faeces, protest, suicides or even violent death with blood or other body fluid spills. These conditions expose staff or other inmates to biological hazards.
We will return the cell to a safe, clean environment in the shortest possible time.


Sharps & Syringe Removal
Grimebusters UK will undertake sharps removal from public toilets, play areas, squats, business premises or anywhere the general public are at risk. Drug use is on the rise in the UK which means more infected needles & syringes are being left in public areas. It is important to dispose of used drug equipment safely as often the equipment may be contaminated with blood or other body fluids which could be infected with HIV or other infections.
We will remove all sharps from affected areas and disposal is through registered Environmental Agency Companies for incineration.


Bio Hazards and Clinical Waste Removal
Grimebusters UK offer a service to clear up clinical waste and bio hazards, body fluid spills to prevent the spread of infections caused by contact with these fluids. We are able to deal with any scenario where body fluids or clinical waste is involved such as stabbings in general areas where the public are at risk i.e. stairways in blocks of high rise flats or shopping centres.
What are body fluids ?
Faeces - urine - vomit - sweat - saliva - semen - blood
We clean & disinfect the area to make it usable again as soon as possible.


Flood & Fire Damage, Fly Tipping Removal
debris removal from domestic premises, also fly tipping removal to the appropriate location. Insurance quotations and subsequent work.


Crime/Trauma Scenes
Crime/trauma scenes can often leave very dangerous infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis & TB, without proper decontamination of the scene anyone who enters can be exposed to and possibly contract diseases or infections.
The scene will be cleaned & decontaminated & returned to it`s original condition.
We can also make good any building work as necessary.


Void Property Clearance
Very often tenants cannot always leave properties in a clean, sanitary condition, this can often slow down the re-let of a property proving costly to the Management Company or Landlord. Often when tenants have vacated all that is required is a good clean, however, the property may be full of rubbish (household furniture etc.) human or animal waste, grease, stained walls & floors or used drug equipment, hypodermic needles and syringes which are possibly infected with various diseases.
We will restore all affected areas of the property in the shortest possible time to allow re-letting.


Drug dens
Drug dens are very common throughout the UK. They can be found in homes, squats, wooded areas & the rear of shops areas Apart from the usual hazards of infected syringes, needles etc. there could be human excrement, blood, vomit and other body fluids which could have contaminated floors, carpets & furniture etc. and general household waste.
All contaminated areas will be carefully removed and the property or grounds will be decontaminated as quickly as possible.


Undiscovered Deaths
Area sanitation & restoration


Prostitute dens
Prostitute dens can be found in houses & flats, some are sanitary but most are not, so when closed down there may be a number of hazardous dangers to consider, used condoms, drug equipment (needles& syringes), body fluid, soaked mattresses and general household waste.
All contaminated areas will be removed and disposed of carefully affected areas will then be disinfected and sanitised.